Virtual Tours

 Looking for a virtual tour of your property, plant, equipment or facilities? Western Aerial Mappings platforms provide an ultra stable image, from the air or at eye level. We can provide edited virtual tours of your entire property, plant, equipment or facilities. Aerial footage and photos provide a unique perspective allowing clients to get the perfect feel for your property. We can easily integrate our footage with your other videos or marketing material. Need us to edit the video or create a montage? We can also help.

The footage is perfect for:

  • Rural and Urban Real Estate
  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Plant tours


Our teams background in marketing, surveying, mining, environmental monitoring, emergency services and aviation, allows Western Aerial Mapping to have a broad range of insights into what industries may need.


Western Aerial Mapping’s policies, procedures and systems are reviewed regularly. Flight, Maintenance and Operation manuals are evolving constantly to we are up to date with changes to hazards, risk assessment standards and legislation. Western Aerial Mapping considers these as an essential part of the high quality service we provide clients and partners. We look forward to hearing from you.