Hazardous Environments

 Whether chemicals, fire, smoke, working at heights or operating in remote location, are the cause of your hazardous environment, Western Aerial Mapping can provide a service solution. The remote operation of UAVs allows us to operate at a safe distance from hazards.


Areas, previously to dangerous for manned operations, are now accessible with our UAVs, allowing the ground personnel and control centers team to make informed decisions about the correct coarse of action required to mitigate risks and control the situation. We coordinate, in real time, with your personnel on the ground, and provide them with the footage and information they require.


Ideal applications for Aerial Asset Inspections include:

  • Fuel fires
  • Potential BLEVE situations
  • Hazards chemical spills and operations (ie. Hazmat)
  • Remote and Dangerous locations (overseas or in harsh remote locations)
  • Damage Assessment
  • Asset Insurance Records

Our teams background in emergency services, surveying, environmental monitoring and aviation, allows Western Aerial Mapping to have a broad range of insights into what industries may need.


Western Aerial Mapping’s policies, procedures and systems are reviewed regularly. Flight, Maintenance and Operation manuals are evolving constantly to we are up to date with changes to hazards, risk assessment standards and legislation. Western Aerial Mapping considers these as an essential part of the high quality service we provide clients and partners. We look forward to hearing from you.