Crop Monitoring & weed DETECTION

Precision Agriculture has made many advances in recent times. Whether your analysing crop health, detecting weeds or counting crops, Western Aerial Mapping can provide an aircraft solution so farmers and agronomists can make informed decisions. This data is essential to increasing yields, reducing chemical costs and increase farm efficiency, allowing farmers and agronomists to make important managerial decisions such as variable rate prescriptions.


Some information we are able to obtain for Precision Agriculture:

  • Fallow weed detection
  • Multispectral analysis
  • NDVI and EVI, used to monitor crop health
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Elevation Model (DEM), perfect for identifying paddock drainage, irrigation and erosion management
  • Soil moisture analysis
  • Crop health monitoring
  • Plant counting 

Unlike satellites and planes, drones are unaffected by cloud cover. Our drone selection allows us to tailor a solution for you.



Already own your own drone? Western Aerial Mapping also offers training. Our fully qualified pilots can help you from the basics all the way to becoming fully qualified.



Western Aerial Mapping and their partners are continuing developing and testing algorithms to expand the features available to farmers and agronomists. Launched to market, the fallow weed feature is the first in many software advances Western Aerial Mapping is making.  


Western Aerial Mapping’s policies, procedures and systems are reviewed regularly. Flight, Maintenance and Operation manuals are evolving constantly to we are up to date with changes to hazards, risk assessment standards and legislation. Western Aerial Mapping considers these as an essential part of the high quality service we provide clients and partners.