western aerial mapping

Your complete drone and software solution



Western Aerial Mapping has the software to detect fallow weeds, analyse the data and create a shape file to be directly uploaded into a tractor to allow for variable rate spraying.


Crop health is also extremely important to farm profitability. Equipped with NDVI, EVI and other crop information, farmers and agronomists can make tailored variable rate prescriptions for individual crops.


Real estate promotion

There has been a large uptake in the use of drones to create promotional packages. Western Aerial Mapping creates 'virtual tours' of properties in their videos and also provides high quality promotional photographs. Specialising in rural real estate, this new perspective achieved with drones generates increased interest in a property and allows for remote viewing of a listing. Aerial footage perfectly integrates with internal videos creating the complete property video.


Aerial Photo and videos

Western Aerial Mapping can capture any event from the air. From individuals wanting rural property photographs, to wedding videos, advertising campaigns and news footage, Western Aerial Mapping provide high quality photographs and videos for your specific need.  Western Aerial Mapping is able to operate just about anywhere to help you get the footage you need.


Asset Inspections

Do you conduct regular inspections on critical assets? Western Aerial Mapping can provide help with shutdowns and regular inspections of critical infrastructure. With the help of drones we can obtain never before available angles of your assets, allowing remote access and allowing management to make informed decisions.



Western Aerial Mapping can obtain extremely accurate stockpile volumes, DEM, DTM, orthomosaics and high-density point clouds.


+ many other applications

Western Aerial Mapping has many new and exciting projects to be released in the future. Western Aerial Mapping customises their services to the clients need. So feel free to contact us today to see what we can do.