Heyhoe Surveys

Heyhoe Surveys are licensed Surveyors specialising in mining and exploration surveying throughout Western Australia. They are experienced remote area specialists and have the capabilities to mobile personnel anywhere in the state, fast including the Kimberly, Pilbara, Mid West and Goldfield Regions. 


Using the latest RTK GPS equipment, we offer accurate and reliable WA surveying services to satisfy all your requirements, including pegging and survey of tenements, mining engineering works and more. 

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GERALDTON Property Team

The Geraldton Property Team is one of Geraldton's most successful Realestate agencies. Their large team of expert agents are ready to help you sell or find your dream home.

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Dragonfly Media

Dragonfly Media has been operating in the Midwest for over 16 years as the premier video production studio north of Perth. They pride themselves in high quality video productions from broadcast TV commercials, corporate and online videos, 3D animations and corporate photography.

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Lara & Warrick

Lara Sadowski

Lara is Geraldton born and bred and knows the territory inside out. Lara is one of Geraldton's most successful Realestate Agents and credits her success to the fact that she demands and expects a great deal of herself, and wants her clients to expect great things too and be delighted with the results. 


Warrick Nevill

Warrick is a well connected Mid-west Realestate agent. He has extensive contacts among the farming community, sporting clubs and relationships developed over many years. Due to his connections Warrick often has people to talk to and buyers ready to view and purchase suitable properties. 

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